Stand-Up for Pits (Special Event)

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Stand-Up for Pits Sunday, September 29, 2013 7:30 PM Tacoma Comedy Club, Tacoma, WA
  • Special Event

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  • Door Time: 5:00 PM
  • Show Type: Stand Up
  • Tags: Stand Up Comedy
  • Restrictions: Special Event
4 PM - 7 PM: Dog adoption event
5 PM - End of the show: Silent Auction
5 PM - Kitchen/Bar is open
7:30 PM - Show starts

Angel, a rescued Pit Bull from South Central Los Angeles, who's ears had been cut off with scissors, battery acid poured on her back, tail broken, used as a bait dog and over bred, is the inspiration and THE reason Stand Up For Pits exists.  Angel's story and remarkable spirit changed the life of Comedian/Actress Rebecca Corry and continues to change lives and enlighten people around world.  Rebecca believes that through laughter, positive images and education that this beautiful breed will one day no longer be the target of discrimination and hate.  Stand Up For Pits is an event everyone (even non-dog owners) can enjoy with music, videos, interviews and comedy.  Stand Up For Pits has raised thousands of dollars for non-profit rescues across the nation. The violent epidemic that occurs daily in this country against this breed is, as a society, ALL of our problem.  The young men (average age 13-21) committing heinous acts against these innocent souls will likely and most often times do, go on to commit crimes against humanity.  Pit Bulls are not what is to be feared but rather the broken society we are living in.  Pits are gentle, loving and loyal souls being victimized and vilified.  They need our help now, more than every before and together we can accomplish this.  Stand Up For Pits believes it is our obligation to respect and protect the dogs we share this planet with.  Dogs (including Pits) serve us in many vital capacities.  As seeing eye dogs, military PTSD dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug sniffing, bomb sniffing, police dogs, military dogs, seizure alert dogs, hearing impaired dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs and ESA's (Emotional Support Animals) to name a few.   Regardless if you own a Pibble owner or own a dog at all, you can make society a better and safer place by supporting this event.  Come laugh, save lives and Stand Up For Pits!
**If you are unable to attend, you can still make a difference by going to and signing and sharing the petition to end BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) Laws and dog fighting.**


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