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Jealousy isn't always a bad thing... In the fall of 2000, Mike Brody watched a friend perform stand-up comedy at an open mic show. Out of envy, and to prove that he was funnier, he signed up and performed too. And so it began... Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Brody has dropped the jealousy and now performs all across the nation. His show has been described as a mix of intelligent humor (without being holier-than-thou), energy (without being obnoxious) and lovable dorkiness (without the pocket-protector). He has worked with Dave Attell, Emo Philips, Doug Stanhope, Doug Benson, legendary street performer/madman/idiot savant Wesley Willis, and is the official event comedian for the SYFY Channel's TV show "Ghost Hunters" (Beyond Reality Events). Does that sound like a normal comedian to you?


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